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Bob Garrity

Bob Garrity

We all have life defining moments – marriage, birth of a child, getting that dream job, etc. For me a life defining moment came in August 1972 on top of a mountain in Colorado when I was 19 years old.

I was on a camping trip with some friends in the Rocky Mountains. We hiked up to the top of the mountain near our camp site and I sat down to meditate. My meditations, up to that point, had not produced much except a sometimes peaceful feeling. But truthfully, I usually just saw all my mind chatter going a mile a minute.

That day was different. As I sat on the mountain, with a clear blue sky and a crystal blue lake in front of me, I felt the warm sunshine on me and I closed my eyes. After a couple of minutes, my mind quieted much more than it ever had. I went deeper. Then a light breeze blew in my ear and I heard a high pitch but very pleasant sound and all of the sudden I was gone.

I felt like the top of my head had exploded in light and I was in a pure state of joy. I was aware of everything around me, even with my eyes closed – I felt the mountains, the boulders, the little cricket chirping – it was beautiful and it was All One. I had entered a deep state of transcendence and in that moment I knew in every fiber of my being that we lived in a beautiful, complex web of creation – that everything vibrated in complete harmony and that there definitely was an intelligence behind this magnificent creation.

The experience lasted no more than a few minutes – I am guessing – but I thought “Great, now I know how to meditate”.  Imagine my surprise, and considerable chagrin, when the next time I sat down to meditate all I experienced was that crazy mind chatter again. It would be several years before I was able to produce the experience of pure bliss again, but that first experience became a core foundation of who I am and started me on my lifelong quest to a greater understanding of the mysteries of life.

My first steps on the path had really begun a few years earlier at age 15 when I gave up going to church. It just did not make sense to me. I did not have anything to replace it with at the time, but I knew there must be more. When I went away to college I began my exploration in earnest. In that period, like many others, I experimented with different psycho active substances. I know in our culture these things can be abused, but they also can be great teaching experiences and it opened my mind to all sorts of possibilities.  I started studying Zen Buddhism and practicing Zen meditation.  After my experience in Colorado (by the way – I was totally sober on the mountaintop) I did not have much success with Zen meditation and soon realized it was not my path.

For the next few years my path was intellectual – I read and studied a lot – primarily about Buddhism, Sufism and Native American spirituality. Then in 1981, I encountered the Arica School of Knowledge, which was founded by Oscar Ichazo. I knew I had found a path that was right for me. It was through the Arica School that I was able to once again experience the state of pure transcendence. I have had that experience 3 times in my life – each time it has only lasted a very short time – but these experiences form the core of who I am and of my understanding of the nature of God and consciousness.

I have been involved with the Arica School since then and have done many of their trainings and meditation practices. In addition, I have continued to study and work with other spiritual disciplines.  In 1984 I began to study with a Sufi order and was initiated into the Chisti order by Sheikh Iqbal Lewis who had studied with Murshid Samuel Lewis (no relation) who had been taught by Hazrat Inyat Kahn. I studied with Iqbal for two years before he stopped teaching for personal reasons.

Also in 1984, I attended a workshop in Kriya Yoga and was initiated by Swami Hariharananda, and did a Kriya Yoga practice for a while. I also took refuge (a form of initiation) in the Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu lineage and have attended a number of Tibetan Buddhist workshops.  I also am currently working with friends who are learning to understand and apply the Law of Attraction in their lives.

I am in no way claiming to be an expert in all of these practices. I mention them only to give you some understanding of the path I have traveled. What is significant here is that I do have experience and an understanding of many of the major spiritual paths available. This experience, along with my own inner knowledge and understanding, allows me to help others find the path or paths that may be right for them. I do not make claims to be an Enlightened Master, but I have experienced enlightened states of pure peace and bliss.

It is these experiences that have allowed me to help others discover their own true self and help them on their quest for inner knowledge.  It would be a privilege to walk the path with you.